Out with the old, in with the new


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Last week we were hard at work learning about recycling in Geography. We had the challenge of sorting out plastic, metal and wood into the correct recycling bins.


Somebody had made a very big mess on our playground and it was our job to try up and put the right objects in the correct bins.

As a group activity in class we had a recycling race to see who could tidy up the quickest, It was very funny!



This week we have moved on to Numeracy learning about full, half full and empty.

We got so good at it we could sort snowballs into pot and match them to the picture.



Well Done Class 1


Weekend activity: Can you find any containers or bottles at your house and see whether they are full, half full or empty?



The Class 1 Team

A walk of Victory


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Today a few of our class 1 super stars took part in the half mile sponsored walk in order to raise money for the Physio team to buy a musical standing frame, new exercise mats and also to buy new toys for us to use in school. We have been practising all year and we were ready for the challenge.


At 9.30 we all lined up ready to start our walk, there was lots of smiles and excitement as we saw people lining the corridors to cheer us on!

After the ready,steady,go from Julia we set off with lightning in our shoes, giving waves and smiles to everyone who came to support us.


At the half way mark we all had a well deserved rest and photo opportunity in the hall.

A few minutes later we were back on it, ready to get to the finish line. Half a mile is a long way for our little legs but we powered on through.


It was a fantastic finish as we made our way to red ribbon followed by big applause.


Julia presented us with our certificates and rosettes to take home and remind us what super stars we are!

Weekend activity: Can you get wrapped up warm and see how far you can walk this weekend?



The Class 1 Team

Dashing through the tinsel


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We had a super exciting day on Tuesday doing the tinsel trolley dash. We got all dressed up in our Christmas attire and brought in lots of unwanted tinned/long dated food items, clothes and toys which we are donating care and share, a non profit charity which helps families and individuals who are in need.

Each class was in competition with each other to see who could bring in the most donations and win the most points.


There was lots of games and activities to do to try and win points for our class.

We took part in musical hats so when the music stops you had to put on a hat, each time a hat was taken away until there was a winner.




We did lots of bouncing to earn points


Tinsel trolley races on scooter boards were very fun!


and guess who we had to dress up in a much tinsel as we could….. DAWN and CHLOE!

For extra bonus points Paula had to choose a best dressed class and WE WON!!!! Well done Class 1!



On Wednesday we had a busy morning making Rudolph hats for our Christmas lunch. Measuring our heads with card and drawing around our hands to make antlers was very tricky. To finish it off a sparkly red nose and two googly eyes was a must!



At 12 o’clock we excitably made our way to the hall for our very special Christmas dinner. There was lots of smiles and cracker pulling topped off with ice cream and biscuits. Thank you Michaela!




Weekend Activity: Have you got your Christmas decorations up yet? Maybe you can help up them up or have a look to see which decoration is your favourite.



The class 1 team

On the hunt for Christmas


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What a fantastic trip we had this week to Barton Grange. On Tuesday and Wednesday morning we split into two groups and drove down to see the beautiful Christmas decorations. Exploring tinsel and looking at the tree decorations got us all excited for father Christmas to come!


Smelling all the candles and looking at the toys was super fun, we even saw a giant twinkly star!


After a bit longer having a look around



Father Christmas sat by the fire place keeping warm.


To finish off our trip we had a little boogie with the Bears, Penguins and Snowmen!


Weekend Activity: Can you find any twinkling lights in your home or when you are out and about?




Always take the weather with you


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Last week we all came to school wearing our super cool spots. There were lots of activities going on around school such as bake sales and a special assembly to raise money for children in need.


In the afternoon we were very busy making pudsey bear biscuits. Mixing, shaking, rolling and pressing using cutters.


What do you think of our yummy pudsey biscuits?

This week we have been learning about the seasons; Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn. Chloe has made us different areas around the class for us to explore. It was very funny trying on sun glasses and flipflops!

We found out the ice is veryyyyy cold!


Weekend activity: Can you look outside your window and see what kind of weather it might be? You could maybe go for a seasonal walk in your coat and wellies?



The Class 1 Team

So little time so much to do


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The last week before half term we had a spooktacular week filled with Halloween activities and dressing up. We all came to school in our amazing scary costumes and even the staff dressed up too! The sensory corner had been transformed into a witches den and had lots of fun things to explore such as a pumpkin sensory basket, other fancy dress costumes to try and some creepy crawlies hiding in spiders webs.



We had a go at making some of our own spooky potions using fruit and a blender. The blueberries were spider bodies, the fruit juice was vampires blood, raspberries were little brains, oranges were slugs and bananas were chopped worms. It was very funny and very tasty!!!!

In the afternoon we had a party with food and party games then had a good old dance to some Halloween songs. What a great way to end the term.


Welcoming us back to our new term we had all the excitement of bonfire night. We watched some fireworks on the whiteboard and learnt how to make chocolate apples with Chloe. Melting, getting all sticky and decorating apples with marshmallows and sprinkles.


We even had a sneaky taste! We loveeee chocolate in class 1.

On Wednesday Jemma was teaching us numeracy all about measuring and weighing. We were measuring the length and weight of different objects and even ourselves.


To finish the week this week Chloe has been reading us a story called ‘Tiny seed’ By Eric Carle in Art. We have been looking at what colours we can see and having a go at our own paintings exploring colours and mixing.


Hope you have a lovely week


Weekend activity: Can you find lots of different colours in everyday objects whilst you are out and about this weekend?



The Class 1 Team

Festival of lights


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We had a fantastic Monday morning learning and celebrating Diwali. We learnt all about the festival of lights that happens every autumn. It was so much fun dressing up in colourful Hindu clothes and listening to traditional Diwali music.


We joined in lots of different Diwali activities such as exploring beads and shiny texture trays seeing how the light reflects and sparkles.


We also did lots of dancing and moving our bodies with ribbons and tinsel hoops. To make things even more exciting we rolled over bubble wrap with our wheels and jumped on it with our feet to make it crackle like fireworks!




In the afternoon we had a go at making our own Diwali lanterns using card, glue and glitter. It was great creating our own designs and patterns then using battery powered candles to make them light up.

What do you think of our beautiful lanterns?

Weekend activity: Can you find objects around the house that might sparkle or shine in the light?



The Class 1 Team


Tricky Tallys


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We started the week looking very green to support the NSPCC charity ‘Speak out. stay safe.’ with buddy the speech bubble.


We have been learning

  • what is a ‘Good touch’,
  • what is a ‘Bad touch’
  • who we can talk to if we feel worried or sad
  • recognizing our emotions.

You can visit the website yourself by clicking this link:



As you can see being green was very fun!


In numeracy we have been concentrating super hard practising our tally marks. We have been counting spooky bats and snails then making a tally mark to represent how many there are. A top secret tip from class 1 is to use your magic pointy finger whilst counting, it helps incase you forget how many you have already counted.



Weekend activity: Can you practice drawing your tally marks in the air with your magic pointy finger or on some paper with a pen?



The Class 1 Team

Harvest walk


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To celebrate the harvest festival we had a lovely walk down to St Michael’s church to take our harvest boxes filled with tinned fruit and veg.

It was a very exciting walk spotting buses, bikes, dogs and the church in the distance!


We were so well behaved and quiet in church, sitting in the rows and having a look at the bible.



Walking back to school was so much fun running and kicking the autumn leaves.

Afterwards we came back to school and made some tasty fresh fruit kebabs to continue our celebration of the harvest festival.


Weekend Activity: Can you spot any harvest fruit/vegetables in your kitchen?



The Class 1 Team

Celebration of food


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In R.E this week we have been learning about the Harvest festival, which is a celebration of food that is grown for us to eat.  We have been reading stories and watching video clips of how we can celebrate the harvest and be thankful for the food god has given us.

In our group we did some hard work talking about the different fruits and vegetables there are and having a taste to see if we liked or disliked them.

Once we had tasted the fruit/vegetables we had to cut and stick them in to two categories:

  • ‘I like’
  •  ‘I don’t like’


It was lots of fun tasting the different flavours, we definitely could show an adult what we liked and disliked.



In class 1 we have also been busy in literacy doing a spooky story time, It’s not for the faint hearted! The potion we have been making needs lots of gruesome ingredients such as eye of bat, tail of a dog and ink of an octopus!

Weekend activity: Can you collect some fruit/veg tins or dried food for the harvest that we can donate on our visit to church next week?



The Class 1 Team