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Yet again it has been a busy and fun week in Class 1 this week. The weather has been fantastic and we have really enjoyed our playtimes outside.
In the afternoons this week we have been looking at Buddhism. We read the story about the blind men and the elephant and have learnt that we all need to work together to see the bigger picture and not just focus on our own piece. We have also looked at working out what other people are feeling by looking at their facial expressions. One of our favourite activities has been having a relaxing massage with the items in our sensory box.
On a Wednesday morning some of us go into the sensory room for a sensory story with Justine. We have been hearing about Gerald the giraffe who couldn’t dance. It has been good exploring the different props, choosing which animal mask to wear and listening to all the different music. Those children who go for sensory story really enjoy it. The children who do not have sensory story stay in class to work on their phonics. They are getting really good at remembering all the different sounds and have started to try and put them together to read words. Some children have started looking at simple reading books and trying to read the story. Everyone is really proud of the work that has been happening on a Wednesday morning.
Next week is MADD week when we spend a whole week looking at Music, Art, Drama and Dance. There will be lots of fun activities planned with different people coming into school to deliver these. The theme in Class 1 is The Great Fire of London and in true class 1 style we will have food and mess involved in our week’s activities.
Have a wonderful weekend
Class 1

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Can’t wait to hear all about MADD week, wish I could join in 🙂 x

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