A bite full of Geography


Posted by Class 1 | Posted in General News | Posted on 13-07-2017

This week in class one we have been doing Geography, learning about England, Scotland and Wales.


First we looked at England; finding out that our capital city is London and our flag is red, white and blue. Then had a little sing and dance to our national anthem.



Colouring in our own flags helped us remember the colours and practice our fine motor skills.



Class 1 then had a quick journey to wales to try a local dish called ‘Welsh rarebit’ otherwise known as Cheese on toast! We had a go at making our own, being extra careful and listening to Julie whilst using the toaster.


Once we made our welsh rarebit we all sat down to have a taste, It was definitely a thumbs up from class one!

We learnt that Cardiff is the Capital for Wales and that their flag has a big Dragon on it!



Our trip to wales wouldn’t be complete without making some beautiful yellow Daffodils and having a sing to Tom Jones!

To finish our week off we explored Scotland, making some very yummy chocolate chip shortbread but we were sooo busy rolling and stirring we forgot to take some pictures. Ooops!


Weekend Activity: Can you remember the 3 colours of the Union jack flag? We will give you a clue, one of the colours is white.


Have a lovely weekend


The Class 1 Team



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