Tricky Tallys


Posted by Class 1 | Posted in General News | Posted on 10-10-2017

We started the week looking very green to support the NSPCC charity ‘Speak out. stay safe.’ with buddy the speech bubble.


We have been learning

  • what is a ‘Good touch’,
  • what is a ‘Bad touch’
  • who we can talk to if we feel worried or sad
  • recognizing our emotions.

You can visit the website yourself by clicking this link:


As you can see being green was very fun!


In numeracy we have been concentrating super hard practising our tally marks. We have been counting spooky bats and snails then making a tally mark to represent how many there are. A top secret tip from class 1 is to use your magic pointy finger whilst counting, it helps incase you forget how many you have already counted.



Weekend activity: Can you practice drawing your tally marks in the air with your magic pointy finger or on some paper with a pen?



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